Boric Acid for Yeast Infections Side Effects

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When using boric acid for yeast infections side effects are rare to nonexistent. Generally you have a vaginal yeast infection because of a result of getting side effects from prolonged use of prescription medications, such as antibiotics, a stressful lifestyle or any situation that can lower your natural immunity system. Some medication or stressful situations can alter your pH balance, and create an environment in your reproductive organs conducive to bringing on an outbreak of vaginal yeast infection.

Yeast infections are and outbreak or overgrowth of the fungal organism Candida albicans or Candidiasis bacteria. It is normally a constant inhabitant that lives on the vaginal walls but is usually controlled by a healthy reproductive system. When the pH balance within the reproductive system is lowered the bacteria begins to thrive. Within hours of the Candida becoming uncontrollable a strong itching and burning sensation will begin.

In severe cases of vaginal infections a visit to the physician will be required for a prescription. But many prescribed medications for yeast infections include boric acid as one of the main ingredients, which is easily obtained over-the-counter. This white crystalline substance is not a natural product, but is man-made by combining borax was sulfuric acid. Though there are higher concentrated levels of boric acid used in manufacturing processes and insecticides, the lower concentrated mildly acidic boric acid used for yeast infections has virtually no side effects.

As an alternative to using a prescribed medication for vaginal infections, boric acid suppositories are available in the market. Within just a few days of using a boric acid suppository for yeast infections you should begin to get relief from the itching and burning sensation. This indicates that your pH balance is returning to normal in your reproductive system is again controlling the Candida albicans. As the bacterium subsides the healing process will begin to repair of any tissue damaged by the yeast infection.

It is recommended to follow the instructions completely. By not using the product as directed, boric acid suppositories used for yeast infections can cause side effects. Taking more than the usual dose, taking the product orally, or placing boric acid on an open wound can be toxic and have high side effects such as kidney damage. Boric acid should never be taken by pregnant women. Should you be with child and have a vaginal yeast infection is highly recommended you should visit your physician immediately.

Using boric acid for yeast infections is an easy and effective way to manage the pH balance of your reproductive system health after a stressful situation or overuse of antibiotics. Locating a viable source of boric acid suppositories can sometimes be found at your local health food store, or on the Internet.

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