Boric Acid for Yeast Infections

Clinical research shows that about 25% of all women will have a yeast infection at some point within their lifetime. Most cases are from a rapid growth of a fungal organism candida albicans lining the walls of the vagina. Though there are many prescribed medications used to treat this problem, boric acid for yeast infections proved to be quite an effective solution is to.

Most yeast infections are a result of the taking physician prescribed medications, such as most antibiotics, that tend to disrupt a woman’s naturally balanced reproductive system. Because of its mild antiseptic qualities, using the suppository form of boric acid for yeast infections restores a woman’s pH balance, and quickly eliminates the infection.

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Once the woman’s pH balance returns to normal levels the itching and burning sensations caused by the yeast infection will subside. Any damage or disruption of the vaginal walls will quickly heal, as her reproductive system health returns to normal.

Many of the well known vaginal yeast infection manufacturers use the same boric acid for yeast infections in their products. But finding a source of the suppository form of boric acid for yeast infections is not that difficult to find. Boric acid is sold over-the-counter at pharmacies and in many places on the Internet. Be sure to look for boric acid specifically dosed for use as a suppository for vaginal yeast infections.

The boric acid powder used to treat yeast infections is not a natural occurring substance, but is a man-made white crystalline compound derived from the chemical boron. Boric acid powder is used in many manufacturing processes and is found in household cleaning supplies and insecticides because of its mild acidic properties.

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And though using boric acid in a vaginal suppository seems to be an ideal solution to vaginal infections, it strength and toxicity levels should not be easily dismissed. You can eliminate any risks of boric acid side effects by using the product the way it was intended.

Taking the substance orally, taking more than the prescribed dose or using it on an open wound can have dangerous consequences. In a great enough quantity a boric acid solution can lead to kidney damage, acute failure of the blood circulatory system, and in some rare cases, even death. However you should not be that alarmed as many of the substances and medications we take on a regular basis have the same risks. By simply following instructions you can find great relief in taking boric acid for yeast infections.

By using boric acid suppositories to arrest out of control yeast infections is clinically proved to be a simple and effective over-the-counter method to stop the burning and itching and restore the vagina to a healthy state.

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